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WTS can operate your facility for you. As part of our service, WTS will provide the manpower, equipment, tools, materials, and supervision required to process your facility.  We operate and maintain all types of facilities including influent boiler water and drinking water systems to large integrated waste water treatment facilities within larger manufacturing environments.  WTS will ensure that your plant is meeting all operating licenses, OSHA safety requirements, and NPDES [National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System] permit limits.
This is the foundation of the services we offer.   Engineers on staff at WTS are industry experts in the area of selecting the most economical and environmentally appropriate chemicals.  Our engineers will be dispatched to your location to work with you until the best solution is reached.  By studying your process in the field, we verify treatment performance in our water laboratory using the latest technology.  Our flexibility and experience allows us to give our customers exactly what they want.
WTS can discuss any concerns you have about meeting environmental regulations.  We offer the option of providing temporary staffing or one time consultation.   WTS can offer an industry expert opinion to ensure you are using the best choice chemical at the lowest cost and is fully insured.