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Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection

The scope of our projects range in size from small facility cooling tower systems to much larger hyperbolic towers.  The WTS goals are to maintain cooling tower cleanliness for safety and operational readiness.  Thus it is critical to control bacteria such as Legionella.  (Read more about Legionella here).  Periods of non use during cool weather months can compound the problem. WTS recommends cleaning all towers twice per year at the beginning of the cooling season and at the end of the cooling season with hypochlorite and biodispersant, power washing each cell, and applying a continuous chemical treatment program .  WTS also recommends applying a biocide application to control bacteria.

Additionally, some states require towers to be cleaned and certified on a predetermined schedule and the work must be completed by a licensed professional. ie State of New York NYCRR_Title 10 Part 4

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