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Polymer Make Down Systems

When we design a polymer makedown system, we propose simple designs that are operator friendly, ratio controlled with progressive cavity feeds and aging tanks. Our service includes complete set up and installation.

This is a simple, portable makedown system delivering about 1 gal/ hour that can be moved to various locations around a facility with a limited footprint.


Portable Make-Down System


This makedown system is more complex with automated water inlet control.

Ash Valley Skid 1Ash Valley Skid 5 Ash Valley Skid 3 Ash Valley Skid 4  Ash Valley Skid 6 Ash Valley Skid 7.

These pictures show a polymer skid installation at an ash polishing pond.  This system is a fully redundant system, with a 10gpm dilution network, progressive cavity pumps, capable of providing up to 12ppm of polymer at a flow rate of 600gpm.

Fully Redundant Polymer System


These drawings are an example of the 3D software we use to create a custom design.  Our in-house modeling capabilities allow our customers to have engineered drawings to visualize an assembly and for their future reference.

Click here to see a schematic drawing:

Assembly Drawing Sample