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Remote Monitoring


Remote Monitoring Equipment
Remote Monitoring Equipment


A large, 2 GW coal fired power plant in Pennsylvania is meeting all environmental regulations by applying chemical treatments. Tanks have to be manually reviewed daily to determine inventory usage. Plant is situated on 30 acres of property and workers waste hours each day commuting to each station.


Water Treatment Services reviewed plant operations and recommended the power plant install controllers at various locations around the site. Each controller is equipped with a device that transmits to a central location. Data is collected and graphed to user specified requirements. Information is accessible to appropriate users with built in alarm sequencing. Text messages are sent automatically when parameters are exceeded.

Benefits and Cost Savings:

Inventory control is measured in a precise fashion and cost savings are realized in using just-in-time ordering scenarios, labor costs, gas to vehicles, and costly repairs.  Alarm capabilities allow immediate response to arising problems that can be corrected immediately.