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GeoTube Dewatering of Remote or Isolated Settling Ponds


Remote Settling Pond

WTS can provide all the tools, materials, personnel, and equipment for cleaning and dewatering of remote settling ponds. As solids settle in the pond they build up over time and eventually need to be removed. Typically ponds are drained and dewatered then debris is removed with heavy equipment such as a “long reach” excavator, placed into a 25ton triaxle truck, and taken to a landfill. Sometimes the job is too small to use this type of equipment or it may be difficult to get equipment on location. In these cases, WTS may recommend a Geotube to provide a possible solution.

This picture shows the addition of polymer to chemically “release” the water.

Polymer Make Down System
Polymer Make Down System

WTS will recommend a polymer and provide the polymer make-down equipment.  With the addition of a dewatering polymer, volume reduction can be as much as 90% with high solid levels that make removal and disposal easy. This decreases landfill costs.

Geotube Fabric
Geotube Fabric

Geotube dewatering technology is used in many dewatering applications throughout the world for both large and small projects.  It is the preferred method in many applications mainly due to simplicity and low cost.  There are no belts, gears, or complicated mechanics. The containers are constructed of high-strength, permeable, specially engineered textiles designed for containment and dewatering of high moisture content sludge and sediment.  They are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your volume and space requirements.  Geotube systems can even be mounted in mobile roll-off containers that can be transported around your property as necessary.  It’s one of the most versatile dewatering technologies available.

It is also one of the most effective.    This dewatering technology also allows for profitable recovery of valuable solids.

Once the Geotube is full, it is left to dewater on-location, which reduces the weight and cost of disposal. The Geotube is cut open and then a skid-loader or other can be used to place material into triaxle or roll-off box for disposal. If a drainable roll-off box is used then once dewatered the roll-off box can be loaded and taken directly to the landfill.