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Water Treatment Services (WTS) provides specialty chemicals and custom delivery equipment that is chosen by our engineers who are industry experts in the area of selecting the most economical and environmentally appropriate chemicals. We send our engineers to your location and we will work with you until we get the best solution. We study your process in the field and verify treatment performance in our water laboratory using the latest technology. Our flexibility and experience allows us to give our customers exactly what they want.

First Defense Operations Management a division of WTS provides turn-key facility management, maintenance, and support using the latest technology. The industries we serve are hospitals, data centers, and wastewater treatment facilities. We set ourselves apart from the competition by proactive management in the field and by empowering our employees to offer solutions based on engineering and technology.

The WTS Difference

Core:  Integrated Facility Management

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Process Chemistry
  • Equipment Needs Customized
  • Environmental Compliance

Approach: All Solutions Considered

  • Mechanical & Physical Means
  • Chemical & Chemistry Analysis
  • Operational & Maintenance Practices
  • Seek All Improved Solutions

Action: Managing in the Field

  • Utilize Real-Time Data
  • Empower Employees to Act on Data
  • Proactively Use Technology
  • Health & Safety Paramount

Belief: Provide Customers Clarity

  • Solutions Make Sense
  • Costs Are Understood
  • Credibility Is Earned
  • Acceptability Is Sought