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Water Treatment Chemicals, Equipment, and Personnel

Description: WTS provides all of the water treatment chemicals, equipment, and personnel necessary to run and control the water treatment chemistry program in the power plants 3 hyperbolic cooling towers, pre-treatment, and all waste water systems.

Procedure Writing – WTS evaluates the Permanent Sludge System (PSS) operation and developed integrated operating procedures that were used by the plant This was after the original equipment manufacturer sent individual manuals on parts for its belt press but did not offer an integrated version. WTS was asked to review all of the existing manuals and consolidate them into one integrated operation and maintenance manual that could be utilized by the plant.
WTS was instrumental in the initial evaluation and implementation of treatment programs surrounding the PSS. Initially WTS developed and wrote operating procedures on how the sludge press systems should be operated and maintained. These procedures were used by plant personnel to help the fully understand the system.

Remote Monitoring:– WTS installed remote monitoring systems to provide continuous monitoring of parameters such as corrosion rate, pH, tank level, flow, chemical usage, and provide alarms to enhance normal monitoring methods. These parameters can have set point limits that are communicated via email, text, or cell phone when exceeded. Costs savings are realized in time and labor and providing immediate response to out of spec conditions. Inventory management is precise and removes the need to manually calculate chemical usage using tank levels and delivery schedules. Some regulatory authorities require daily chemical additive use information to be submitted in the monthly DMR (Discharge Monitoring Reports) reports. This type of reporting can be automated.