Coal Flow Aid

We support coal mining and its use in power generation.

Wet coal problems can create complications when transporting or processing coal. Although the problems appear to be a minor nuisance these issues over time can lead to a considerable loss of revenue.  This diagram shows the arching and ratholing that can restrict free coal flow.  A boiler’s ability to produce electricity or a prep plant’s ability to process coal is directly related to the flowability of the material. Furthermore, coal handling systems are an integral part of a complete material flow and quality management system. The increased degree of efficiency of modern coal power plants and prep plants calls for an integrated coal handling management system in order to secure the coal supply in the requested quantity and quality.

Video simulation of wet coal control sample.

Video simulation of coal flowing properly through a tube or coal shoot after a 10% coal flow aid solution added.

Click here to view a Coal Flow Aid presentation that we gave at a recent conference.