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Pipe Winterization

Pipe burst due to freezing temperatures is a serious problem in areas of the U.S. where the temperature hovers below freezing for an extended period of time.  WTS recommends the addition of fully inhibited propylene glycol hydronic heat transfer fluid to protect your system.

WTS technicians will visit your location to review facility piping, assess the risk for pipe freezing and may recommend the addition of propylene glycol.  Our technicians will coordinate the delivery of the product and perform the addition of the product at the appropriate location.   We will use a Freeze Point Refractomer to measure freeze point within a sample.Frozen Burst Pipe 1

We work closely with Thermal Fluids and the use of their product ThermalStar for protection.  Thermal Fluids

ThermalStar is recommended for use in all closed primary and secondary heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems. Other applications include radiant heat, snow melt, and various deicing, defrosting, and dehumidifying systems.

Optical Refractometer

Thermal Star Freeze Point Chart – TS

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